Tracing one of Wikipedia’s “Moderators”


One of these so called “moderators” was traced using our feedback software to the vicinity of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Science at Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. I know only one person there, Prof. Akhlesh Lakhtakia, known to have indulged in unscholarly attacks on B(3) theory, recently nominated for a Nobel Prize. The idiom and spelling used in these abusive messages is British English of the old fashioned type. This is still used in India, where Lakhtakia originates. This person is also known to have telephoned Prof. Bill George at the University of Glamorgan to try to prevent AIAS Fellow Franklin Amador form enrolling for a Master’s degree. So it is likely that he has been involved in a telephone campaign. I telephoned Lakhtakia to ask him whether he sent the attached e mail messages, which have been given in evidence to the South Wales Police. The latter have formally cautioned another harasser, alias “Arthur Dent”, whom we traced to the town of Barry near Cardiff. The police confirmed that our tracing was accurate and this harasser was found to be a retired University of Wales academic of the standard model. When I asked Lakhtakia about the attached messages, which were traced to him, he slammed down the receiver in a rage. When I discussed B(3) with him from Cornell in 1992, he did the same, slammed down the receiver in a rage. It is overwhelmingly probable that he is “Science Guy”, a sometime wiki “moderator”. “Science Guy” was respnsible for defacing my wiki entry, posted by a person unknown. This started the most intense and well known controversy in wiki’s dubious existence, and finally I got their terrible distortions removed. They did not mention the British High Honour of a Civil List pension, unique in this century for a chemical physicist and actually above a Nobel Prize in pecking order. Lakhtakia first contacted me when I was at Cornell Theory Center, and I invited him to write a review for my outstandingly successful guest editorship of “Advances in Chemical Physics” (1992, reprinted 1993, and in softback and electronic formats, second edition 2001). So wikipedia “moderators” actually know nothing about ECE, have probably never studied it, and if they do, would not understand it. They have no basis for framing it as “pseudoscience”, it is in fact rigorous Baconian science. The dubious harassers with whom Lakhtakia is associated can be seen from the headers of the attached. He is intensely hypocritical, because he published two papers about B(3) in his journal , “Speculations in Science and Technology”. This completely destroys any remaining shred of credibility that wikipedia may have. Harassers have no academic credibility. This is why new legislation is needed to counter lie sites such as wikipedia, and to impose severe sentences on scientific harassers and fraudsters who do their dirty work over the internet.



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