Wikipedia Entry on Special Relativity, Electrodynamics and Related.


It is known to every scientist by now that wikipedia restricts entries to the old standard model, so all its entries in theoretical physics, and many in science, are thoroughly obsolete. The entry on special relativity just reiterates flawed scholarship, while modern scholarship gives a very different view on things as recorded on this blog. By now it has been known for seventeen years that the existence of the B(3) field observable in the inverse Faraday effect means that electrodynamics is general relativity, and part of a unified field theory (ECE theory). It must be described using a spin connection, with many important inferences beginning to be discovered. An example is the important new paper by Eckardt and Lindstrom posted today which makes considerable progress in our understanding of how to obtain urgently needed energy from the ECE potential equations. Wikipedia still describes electrodynamics in terms of the thoroughly obsolete Maxwell Heaviside theory of special relativity, and then incorrectly ascribes it to Maxwell. The four famous vector laws are due to Heaviside, not to Maxwell, who derived an unworkable system of twenty quaternion equations. Heaviside had a great respect for Maxwell, but it was Heaviside and Gibbs who inferred vectors. So as a reference vehicle, wikipedia is at best useless, at worst a sordid attack on scientists who dare depart from obsolete thought, or an attack on anyone its anonymous moderators do not like personally. Evidence of this is posted on today’s blog.


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