Wikipedia Entry on the Aharonov Bohm Effect


This does not mention the basic errors and misconceptions of the standard model of the Aharonov Bohm effects, as reviewed for example in paper 100 on this site, and in “The Enigmatic Photon”, available through hyperlinks in the Omnia Opera section of this site. The standard AB theory is based again on an unobservable, this time “non-simply connected spacetime”. This is another non-Baconian concept and is indeed mathematically incorrect. The Stokes Theorem was incorrectly applied in the stadnard model. In ECE theory the AB effects are described straightforwardly with general relativity. The ECE theory is also reviewed in two long articles of volume 119 of “Advances in Chemical Physics”, these are available in their entirety by clicking the hyperlinks on the Omnia Opera.


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