Wikipedia Entry on the Christoffel Connection and Related Concepts


These entries all use the obsolete symmetric connection and the obsolete formula relating the symmetric connection to the metric. Papers 122 ff on this site, and the definitive proofs on the home page, show that the connection is antisymmetric. Papers such as 93, 95, 96, 117 and 120 use computer algebra to show that all metrics of the Einstein field equation are geometrically incorrect because they violate a form of the Cartan Bianchi identity known for the sake of appellation only as the Cartan Evans identity. The two identities are Hodge dual invariant and are examples of the same rigorously correct identity. The Cartan Bianchi identity has been well known and well taught for about eighty years, but Einstein’s basic blunder in ignoring spacetime torsion was never corrected. This is despite severe criticism of Einstein by many leading scientists over ninety years. So the end result is that no one believes standard cosmology, it is unscientific, based on a severe error that we demonstrated from 2007 onwards using the well known Cartan Bianchi identity itself. We will shortly publish a book reviewing our work at AIAS in this area, called “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”.


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