Encyclopaedia of the New ECE Physics


I am building up an encyclopaedia of the new physics on this blog, which is picked up by all major search engines and which greatly out impacts wikipedia. This can be seen in great detail from the feedback and overviews book frequently attached to these postings to help new readers. Wikipedia’s darkest episode is its personal animosity towards myself, an animosity which is due originally to a known e mail abuser (see one of the blog entries below). Wikipedia, therefore, will never recover its reputation and should be discarded by scholars as malign and prejudiced in its theoretical physics section. Students should not cite wikipedia, and in all reputable universities are not allowed to do so for examinations. So gradually, several hundred encyclopaedia type entries on the new physics will be built up on this blog, which can be read off this site, and off www.atomicprecision.com (also known as www.unifiedfieldtheory.info). These are already widely known as “anti-wiki’s”.

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