Refutation of the Einstein Field Equation in a Nutshell


The Einstein equation is refuted straightforwardly by using its metrics to compute

R tilde ^ q not equal to zero

as for example in papers 93, 94, 95, 117 and 120. The Einstein field equation is therefore incorrect, because fundamental geometry shows that

D ^ T tilde := R tilde ^ q

and Einstein assumed

T tilde =? 0 .

Here R tilde is a curvature form, the Hodge dual in four dimensions of R, and T tilde a torsion form, the Hodge dual in four dimensions of T. Finally q is the Cartan tetrad, and

D ^ = d ^ + omega ^

where d ^ is the exterior derivative, ^ is the wedge product and omega the Cartan spin connection. Since computer algebra was used in the calculation of R tilde ^ q, it is pointless to continue to use the Einstein field equation. It is pointless for real scholars to read wikipedia, which is malign and censorious. The Einstein field equation has been replaced by the ECE engineering model on this site.


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