Wikipedia Entry on the Commutator Operator


This is too abstract to be of any use to students without referring to real scholarship. Our ECE sites out impact wikipedia and give a great deal of irrefutable detail. For example, google “Hodge dual commutator” and our sites come up first and second on the first page. Commutator theory is the basis for my discovery this year of new and powerful antisymmetry laws in Riemann geometry and in field theory. This discovery has been brilliantly developed by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom in a new paper posted on this blog yesterday. The only Wikipedia entries of any use are [A, A] = 0 (which means that there is no symmetric connection in Riemann geometry) and the well known anti-commutativity law:

[A, B] = – [B, A]

which shows that the connection is antisymmetric (papers 122 ff and proofs on the home page of this site). The essential uselessness of Wikipedia comes from its attempt to hijack scholarship and to malign well known scholars (the worst attack being against myself) and almost any entry can be criticised in this way. I do not feel that any reputable scholar should be associated with wikipedia, or hide behind malign anonymity.


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