Ancestry of Bleddyn ap Maenarch


This line is typical of the Welsh Princes, who traced ancestry back to Beli Mawr, who was probably Adminius son of teh Celtic King Cunobelinus (circa a little BC to 43 AD). His name may have been derived from the Celtic god Belenus. His son is the semi-mythical Lludd ap Beli Llaw Gyffes (Lludd silver hand of the Mabinogion, a Celtic half god) There are real ancestors such as Tegid (Tacitus) ap Iago, born 314 AD, Caradog Freichfras, King of Gwent, born 470 AD, and Teithwalch ap Cyndeg, born 830 AD. The arms of Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch (died 1092) are displayed in Gregynog Hall of the University of Wales and he is very probably my ancestor.



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