Anti Wiki on Cartan Geometry


The Wikipedia entries on Cartan geometry are abstract and mathematical to the point where they are useless for applied science. In “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” (Abramis 2005 to present) Cartan geometry has been reduced in comprehensive detail to tensor and vector notation, and is already being applied industrially to manufacture new devices to take energy from spacetime. Many of the papers and items on this site are worked out in vector notation, and are meant to be useful to engineers. It is very well known by now that wikipedia attacks imaginative scholarship. This is a little too mediaeval, and I think that a US style class action against wikipedia should be organized to counter its systematic defamation. I advise strongly that wikipedia should not be cited by students in reputable schools and universities. Any attempt by wikipedia to distort careers, facts and reputations is now countered by this blog and website.

British Civil List Scientist

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