Advances in physics compared with other subject areas.


The scholars who contribute to this site and its unprecedented readership both agree that the major advance in 21st century physics is ECE unified field theory (started Spring 2003). ECE is the first unified field theory, and has completely changed the way in which we think about physics. It shows that the twentieth century was an era of stagnation and obscurity in physics. There were great advances in other subjects: chemistry, electronics, computing, engineering, biochemistry, medicine and genetics, but the fundamentals of physics stagnated from about 1930 onwards. It is now known through the advanced scholarship of this site and elsewhere that almost all the ideas of physics in the twentieth century have been refuted, a few only still stand the test of time and have been incorporated in ECE. In other subject areas, recent important advances include the DNA mapping of Britain by Prof. Brian Sykes, and the recent breakthrough in medicine in the area of Alzheimer’s disease.

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