New Energy and New Transport due to ECE Theory


The discovery of spin connection resonance in dynamics and electrodynamics during the development of ECE theory has produced a way of obtaining new energy from spacetime and new modes of transport by counter gravitation. The spin connection enters into the equations of electrodynamics in a fundamental manner, and makes possible Euler Bernoulli resonance, now proven in many ways by several scholars. This resonance is a plausible explanation of Tesla resonance. An agreement to develop this technology has been drawn up with a Joint Venture Partner of the ECE Tech. company. Devices of this kind are already being manufactured with robotics and already being marketed by the Alex Hill company based in Mexico City. It is clear that this is a Marconi type advance made by advances in ECE theory. The standard CERN protagonists continue to burn money on useless dogma at a time when new sources of energy are urgently needed.

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