The Borderline between Obsolescence and Fraud


Every theory of physics becomes obsolete at some stage, to continue to use such a theory is valid scholarship. For example classical physics continued to be taught in the era of relativity and quantum mechanics. The point at which obsolescence becomes fraud is when the old theory continues to be taught as if it were cut in marble, i.e. the point at which it ceases to be science at all, but is still touted as science to obtain public funding. At present this is the case with the standard model. Advanced scholarship on this site and elsewhere has shown to the satisfaction of essentially the entire scientific community (attached) that the standard model is riddled with errors, some of them elementary and some of them known for a very long time. Obsolescence becomes fraud when new ideas are suppressed by vested interest. So methods have been developed on this site and elsewhere to counter this fraud and to bring advanced scholarship directly to the general public. The latter may wish to object to the way in which taxation is used to bolster unscientific dogma.

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