New Steriwave Company


A new Steriwave company is being formed and being prepared for a pre initial public offer in the City of London. Its aim is to manufacture quantum computers under its own patents. ECE theory is being developed to support this new company (see latest papers on this blog and site). Steriwave Plc news is available on its website,, news section. Its economical heating system has passed a one day test with flying colours under the supervision of Austrian Government authorities. An independent heating engineer assessed the product in glowing terms, stating that he had never seen anything like it. The next test will be a one month run in October. The product is expected to obtain its certificate to begin manufacture under the aegis of a joint venture partner, initially in Hungary. ECE Technologies Ltd. has been formed to produce new energy and counter gravitational devices on the basis of ECE theory. One counter gravitational device has been selected for primary development. ECE theory is being developed constantly to support these devices in R and D stage. Global Energy Technologies Ltd. has been formed to manufacture new fuel. In order to achieve its aims all the Directors of Steriwave took a voluntary 50% salary cut at the end of 2008 in the face of the then unprecedented economic crisis caused by wild speculation in the banking sector as is well known. The crisis has abated by now, with the S and P 500 up about 40%. So investors can expect excellent returns on these venture companies.

Chief Scientist and Director Steriwave
British Civil List Scientist


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