New Approach to Particle Theory


This new approach to particle theory is being forged in the latest papers on this site (see UFT papers) and is based on geometry and general relativity. The fundamental tetrad postulate of differential geometry is rewritten as a second order wave equation, well known by now as the ECE Lemma, whose eigenvalues are well defined scalar curvatures R. The eigenoperator is the d’Alembertian operator of Minkowski spacetime. The d’Alembertian is factorized in SU(n) representation spaces, n being an integer. Various values of n give various factorizations into first order differential equations. When n = 2 for example the ECE fermion equation is obtained, which is simpler than but equivalent to the Dirac equation. This gives the fermion. However, this procedure is applied now to the unified field, fields are no longer classified separately as in the thoroughly obsolete physics of the twentieth century. So there is a common source for particle genealogy, this source is the tetrad postulate of differential geometry, true in all spacetimes and all dimensions. For further details please see paper 136 (just posted) and accompanying notes. I am working now on paper 137.


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