ECE versus Standard Model


ECE has overwhelmed the standard model of physics, which is entirely obsolete. The standard model is useless for engineering because of its use of abstract mathematics and of concepts that cannot be tested experimentally. That is a sure sign that a theory is pseudoscience, however much hyped and marketed in rigged journals, journals in which the so called “referees” are perennially biased, and who do not read papers. This cynically abdication of duty and grotesque personal bias has been wholly rejected by several professions outside theoretical physics, and our ECE sites recorded a seven year record high of nearly thirty thousand individual visits in August 2009. ECE is going into its industrial phase (e.g. news section on because of its simplicity and because it can be used for electrical engineering. The old protagonists of the standard model are way out on a limb because it has become easy to show that they are pseudo-scientists who preach incorrect dogma. In the worst instances they have cyberstalked colleagues and in one or two cases have had to be warned off by the police authorities. In consequence they have no remaining credibility as scientists. They continue to produce a large number of tedious variations on incorrect mathematics and are open to the most severe historical criticism. In consequence many of the innovations in technology based on ECE take place entirely outside of the university sector, because that sector adheres to the old dogma because of career and peer pressure only. What engineer would design a device using string theory or dark matter? Recently several hugely expensive standard experiments have failed. Since fuel worldwide is running out ever more quickly, it is useless to waste public funding on white elephants such as CERN whose theory is riddled with errors. There is no Higgs boson, it is easy to show that it does not exist.

British Civil List Scientist


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