Further Refutation of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle


This site was kindly sent on by Alex Hill and reports detailed observations of atoms, directly refuting the Copenhagen School and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.


These photographs show the orbitals directly. In ECE theory they emerge from geometry as is well known by now. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle does not mean anything, but one of its vague and non-Baconian predictions is that atoms cannot be observed directly. Recently an experiment to observe the vacuum Faraday effect, predicted by Heisenberg and Euler in Z. Phys. In 1936 came up with a null result, refuting the existence of virtual particles (see postings on this blog). Croca et al. have refuted the Heisenberg principle using advanced microscopy and have published a book on their findings; “Towards a non-linear Quantum Physics” (World Scientific 2003). For this work Jose Croca was awarded a 2008 TGA Gold Medal and Prize, equivalent to a Wolf Prize. See also the book by Kerry Pendergast on this site, “The Life of Myron Evans”. These refutations leave ECE as the only correct theory of physics at present, being rigorous general relativity.


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