Increasing Acceptance of ECE Theory


In the past few weeks the daily interest in ECE theory has doubled and staff and student interest in the theory is intensifying as the new semester gets underway in the US. A similar intensifying of university interest is visible in Europe. The refutations of the older physics have become easy to understand, and venomous personal attacks on intellectuals discounted by the overwhelming majority of the profession. The worst instance is wikipedia, but one section of wikipedia (in Hungary) has broken away from the main wikipedia section. The cross links and blog entries on this site have built up definitive evidence that wikipedia indulges in vicious personal attacks on the web. These are countered every time they occur on this blog. In August 2009 a record number of individual visitors studied the three ECE sites:


All this information is known in detail by study of feedback over about five and a half years daily. The fifth and sixth volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” are about to go to press.


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