Power Struggle in Physics


ECE theory has been accepted by the vast majority of working colleagues as the first unified field theory in physics that gets rid of unknowables and excess abstraction, two of many intellectual failures of twentieth century physics. The precursor B(3) theory has been nominated several times both for a Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize, and has been recognized by my appointment to the Civil List. So this initiates a power struggle in physics and among scientific advisors of politicians who control the funding of science. The new ECE advisors wish to modernize physics and make it much more useful to humankind, the old advisors want to hang on to their billions. The attacks on the new intellectuals in a rag such as wikipedia originate with the old type of physicist, who is lavishly funded but unimaginative. The motivation for these attacks is money, and not truth in science. Politicians rarely know anything about science personally and rely on the advisor, the behind the scenes eminence grise. These advisors effectively fund themselves from public money. Science funding has been notorious for this kind of thing for over a hundred years. The increasingly ludicrous pronouncements of the old physics are regurgitated by journalists who in turn know little about science. This system is now out on a limb, because it is built on a quicksand. The old system’s grip on physics has been broken by new methods of publication and new methods of funding direct from industry. The industrial phase of ECE has begun while the older elite indulge in defamation, censorship and misrepresentation.

British Civil List Scientist


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