Dr. Horst Eckardt


He is the TGA Vice – President and Director of AIAS. He also works for the Siemens Company in Munich and is a Director of Steriwave Plc. He was educated at Klausthal University, noted for its freedom of thought in science, and obtained his Ph. D. in solid state physics. He has contributed greatly to this site and to the development of ECE theory, and appears in the film “The Universe of Myron Evans” (youtube clip). He is a capable mathematician as well as a capable electrical engineer, and has been primarily concerned with the development of new energy devices in papers such as 63, 94 and 107. Recently he has done important work with Douglas Lindstrom and Frank Lichtenberg on the antisymmetry law applied to electrodynamics. He is pencilled in as Managing Director of ECE Tech Plc. From the attached feedback he manifestly meets the wiki requirements on notability because his work is being read every day across the world. He was a 2009 TGA Gold Medallist and Prize Winner.


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