Evidence against Wikipedia, Letters from Louis de Broglie to Franco Selleri


Recently wikipedia has been carrying out a campaign against the TGA and has been busily removing pages posted on TGA members. The latest page to be removed is that of Franco Selleri, whose well known work was praised by Louis de Broglie as attached. Wikipedia’s theoretical physics section is controlled by obsolete bigots of the standard model, the sole motivation of these people is to try to ensure that they themselves are regarded as “the only physicists”. I intend to replace all these removed pages on this high impact blog (it out impacts wikipedia completely when it comes to new physics). The entire system of the now obsolete physics is tightly controlled so that only the obsolete ideas can be published. I would say that a majority of physicists themselves reject the faction that controls wikipedia. Chemists and engineers certainly do not use the ideas of standard theoretical physics, ideas such as string theory, dark matter and so on. These are ludicrous ideas in view of the advances made by ECE theory. The rapidly increasing interest in ECE theory means that the bigots and pseudo editors who control wikipedia are out on a limb, rejected by several entire professions.


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