Jeremy Dunning-Davies


He is the President of the Telesio Galilei Association (TGA), an important new development in science, and an outlet for freedom of thought by leading intellectuals in all aspects of new science. He was born in Barry in Glamorgan and was educated in the University of Wales at Cardiff. He became a senior lecturer in the University of Hull, and has produced notable books in mathematics and his speciality, thermodynamics. He discovered a glaring flaw in the Hawking theory and pointed this out to the latter. Hawking has not been able to reply sensibly and continues to ignore many criticisms of his erroneous theory. Subsequent events have proven that Dunning-Davies et al. were among the earliest critics of the erroneous Einstein field equation itself. Dunning-Davies had the intellectual honesty to point out errors against peer pressure. He has recently produced a book, “Exploding a Myth”, that is heavily critical of the standard model regime in all its aspects. This book is available in paperback from Amazon and has been well reviewed. Therefore the standard crowd removed Dunning-Davies from wikipedia. The Hungarian section of wikipedia has refused to remove the page, thus splitting wikipedia apart. Recently Dunning-Davies has branched out into other aspects of science in his publications, and won a 2008 TGA Gold Medal and Prize. His promotion to full professor was stopped probably because of his criticisms of Hawking. He is professor emeritus elect in the Maxwell Einstein University, currently being founded.


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