Professor Diego Rapoport


He is a mathematical physicist of renown, plentifully meeting the wikipedia requirements on notability, and a leading expert on spacetime torsion. He is a professor of mathematics in the National University of Quilmes in Buenos Aires, and is a TGA Gold Medallist. He is developing the Cartan theory using the latest mathematics, and has extensively developed his own torsion theory. This is perfectly legitimate work, and non-standard. Rapoport is currently a full professor of mathematical physics and member of the TGA scientific advisory board. He also appears in the film “The Science and Faith of Lawrence Paul Horwitz” (youtube clip). Wikipedia removed Rapoport’s page, in a fit of bile, but again, the Hungarian wikipedia refused to remove the page, thus shredding wikipedia completely. It is impossible to guess why a so called encyclopedia would behave in such a vindictive way towards an obviously learned scholar. The so called “editors” of wikipedia know nothing about mathematics, and I think that this gang warfare on TGA will eliminate wikipedia from science entirely, destroying wikipedia’s ordinary credibility. About ECE theory he wrote in May 2008: “Your ansatz is very natural. You complete with the electromagnetic potential the additional degree of freedom of the contravariant part of the full torsion, and then the covariant two-form which is to be characterized is the electromagnetic two-form. Brilliant! Now, as an additional bonus, you have a coupling of the potential one-form with the two-form, the torsion tensor is an interaction which in your ansatz has to do with a topological invariant given by this coupling.”


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