Professor Emeritus Alwyn van der Merwe


He is probably the best editor of the late twentieth century in theoretical physics. In the course of more than twenty five years he edited several thousand papers in “Foundations of Physics”, including special issues of papers dedicated to the great scientists of the twentieth century. Special issues are available in the archives of that journal to Louis de Broglie, Dirac, Vigier, Wheeler, Wigner and many others. He is the founding editor of “Foundations of Physics Letters”, and of the well known book series “Fundamental Theories of Physics”. The latter runs to one hundred and sixty volumes taken by all the best libraries. From personal experience, van der Merwe read every paper submitted and edited them himself. The journals always used a minimum of at least two referees, and if there was a split decision, more than two. These reports are in archive. In 2008 he was awarded a TGA Gold Medal and Prize for contributions to new thought in physics. He was born in South Africa, is a sometime Queen Victoria Scholar, and a graduate of the Universities of Bern and Amsterdam. After that he taught in the University of Natal and the City University of New York. For many years he was professor of physics in the University of Denver, and is now Professor Emeritus upon retirement. Under his unique editorship, his journals and book series became outlets for much of what is really interesting in new physics.


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