Stephen Crothers


He is an AIAS Director, TGA Board Member and a 2008 TGA Gold Medallist and Prizewinner. His criticisms of standard cosmology are accepted by a large section of the scholarly community as being meticulous and definitive. Several of his papers appear on this site. He has been proven to be entirely correct by the use of computer algebra from 2007 onwards (see papers 93 ff). He was treated particularly harshly by the standard crowd, who destroyed his Ph. D. chances. He is professor of theoretical physics elect in the Maxwell Einstein University, and I have learned a lot from his work, notably the fact that Schwarzschild did not infer his mis-named metric. The actual results of Schwarzschild, published in 1916 in two papers, do not show a singularity. For this reason alone there is no Big Bang, and no black holes. The Hawking Penrose singularity theorem is a mathematical contrivance, and the Einstein field equation is incorrect because of neglect of torsion. So Steve was eliminated from wikipedia for his excellent scholarship, and is reinstated here to his proper place in history. The embarrassing episode of 1916 is covered up.


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