Criticism of Friedrich Hehl


He is an editor of “Annalen der Physik”, whose journal impact index in 2002 was a run of the mill 1.119. Hehl has produced an obscure theory of spacetime torsion, and by now it is well known that he improperly tried to block a submission of mine to Annalen. I have accordingly called for his resignation as editor and call for international non-recognition of his editorship. Blocking of submissions is one tactic used to prevent citations, so that it can be claimed that there are no citations. Such conduct in supposedly learned people should be condemned out of hand, and it has been by the readership of the ECE sites. The readership has dismissed the attempts made by these people to misrepresent textbook Cartan geometry. I do not think that ultra abstraction in mathematics contributes anything to physics, and the Cartan geometry that I use is found for example in S. P. Carroll, “Spacetime and Geometry – an Introduction to General Relativity” (Addison Wesley, New York, 2004, chapter 3). It has been standard since the early twenties. The entire publishing system of physics has had to be replaced by website publishing that is properly refereed, and which rapidly brings new results to the readership. The latter has overwhelmingly accepted ECE theory and so has overwhelmingly rejected impropriety. The ECE sites are making a much greater impact than journals, meaning that academia itself is coming under the microscope.


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