Criticism of Gerhard ‘t Hooft


He is the “editor” of “Foundations of Physics”, whose impact factor has sunk to 0.829 in 2008, after the journal was taken away from Alwyn van der Merwe. The latter was subjected to extensive e mail abuse from personal experience. It is well known by now that ‘t Hooft is heavily biased, and has already destroyed the journal’s reputation by publishing an “editorial” which attempted to reject papers on ECE theory which had already been accepted in “Foundations of Physics Letters”. There are about fifteen of these (Omnia Opera section) and in archive can be found the referees’ reports on each of them. There are at least two reports for each paper. So ‘t Hooft took the ludicrous course of action of attempting to ignore all the reports. Since ECE is based directly on textbook geometry ‘t Hooft has destroyed his reputation and that of the journal. So I call for his resignation and international non-recognition of the journal. It is also well known (paper 85) that ‘t Hooft’s own work in QCD is meaningless to physics, it is riddled with obscurity. He has withdrawn some abusive comments which he made about me on his website. He is a bad scientist and a worse editor.


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