Short Biographies of My Working Colleagues


The above short biographies and those that appear below are those of colleagues of real ability with whom I have worked over the years. By attempting to cover up and distort the facts of my career (attached) wikipedia by implication maligns these colleagues. I dislike malign injustice intensely, so eventually this blog will contain the short biographies of many distinguished people. When it comes to science, wikipedia is controlled by a tiny faction of obsolete theoretical physicists, the colleagues with whom I have worked cover several disciplines. Wikipedia’s judgment on what constitutes notability in science is severely biased and severely flawed. Most glaring is its assertions on what constitutes “pseudoscience” and “fringe science”. The obsolete standard model is exactly that. The ECE theory is based rigorously on standard textbook geometry, and is well tested experimentally. It is therefore Baconian science in accord with the Ockham Razor.



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