Professor Sir John Rowlinson


He was my post doctoral supervisor at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory at Oxford from 1974 to 1976, and recommended me for a Junior Research Fellowship of Wolfson College Oxford in 1975, which I was fortunate enough to win against much competition. John Rowlinson is sometime Dr. Lee’s professor at Oxford, and also worked at Imperial College London. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and well known for his work on the liquid state. I had won three post doctoral fellowships in open competition during my post graduate years at Aberystwyth, and with reluctance took up one of them (a Science Research Council Post Doctoral Fellowship) at Oxford. No one quite knew why, because it is obvious that as a Welsh speaker I would have been much more at home in Aberystwyth. John Rowlinson was very good to me and invited me to write a review with him (this is number 16 on the Omnia Opera, “The Motion of Simple Molecules in Liquids”). Rowlinson and I were granted a new far infra red spectrometer, which he allowed me to transfer back to Aberystwyth on a Ramsay Memorial Fellowship, which I won in open international competition while at Oxford and supervising Gareth Evans at Aberystwyth.


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