Professor William Thomas Coffey


He is a professor and fellow of Trinity College Dublin, attended by such notables as Hamilton, Fitzgerald and Walton in science, and the Nobel Laureate Samuel Becket in literature, protege of James Joyce, a sometime Civil List Pensioner. I worked with Bill Coffey from about 1976 onwards after I attended a conference at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS). He had developed a planar itinerant oscillator model of the far infra red, and this turned out to be the same, mathematically, as my three variable Mori theory developed at Oxford and Aberystwyth. These papers are on the Omnia Opera section of this site, and still regarded as definitive descriptions of the far infra red / microwave. When the EDCL closed, the interferometer granted to Rowlinson and myself at Oxford was transferred to Trinity College Dublin, and formed the basis of far infra red microwave work which is thriving there today. Bill Coffey was recently recognized by an honorary degree, thoroughly deserved, and is also a member of the editorial board of “Advances in Chemical Physics”. His current research interests include B(3) theory, nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. He runs a large and active group at TCD where he has worked all his life except for a brief spell at Salford.


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