Caution about Physica B


Paper 93 of this site is among the most read and contains irrefutable computer algebra showing the incorrectness of the Einstein field equation. When it was submitted to Physica B we received a defamatory “report” of half a line, stating that we were “loonys” (sic.). This is slang for insane individuals and the word “loony” should be “loonie”, a spelling mistake. The editor, L. Degiorgi, did nothing and did not read the manuscript. When we objected to the defamation DeGiorgi became abusive. The appeals system of the journal did nothing. The five year impact index of the journal is a less than ordinary 0.782, abysmal compared with the impact of the ECE sites, and meaning that no one reads it very much. In view of this conduct I advise against subscribing to Physica B and against submitting papers to it.

British Civil List Scientist


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