Caution Concerning Citation Analysis


Journal citations are not a good measure of the actual impact of new thought in science. There are many different methods of citation and they give alarmingly different results. Papers and letters Journals in theoretical physics do not even appear in the top twenty journals as measured by the ISI Journal Impact Factor. I refer readers to the new website impact factors which are described in one of the following postings. A much more detailed analysis of feedback for ECE theory is attached, and from the end of this month I will be adding two website impact factors for ECE theory each month. As an example of the chaos in the low impact journal system, “Reviews of Modern Physics” is fifth ranked according to the ISI Journal Impact Factor, but is number 79 in SCImago. The impact of the ECE sites is orders of magnitude higher than that of any journal, even the best ranking journals. The attached analysis proves this beyond doubt.



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