Franklin Amador


He is an AIAS Director and works for industry. He was educated in California and kindly typeset three volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory” voluntarily in his spare time. He is a valued Director of AIAS and attended the first TGA Gold Medal ceremony at Craig y Nos Castle in 2008. He is a capable electronics engineer, specializing in Kron circuit analysis. The University of Glamorgan negotiated to have him enrolled as a Masters student on ECE theory, but this process was interfered with unethically by a known e mail abuser of the standard model. This abuser has now been reported to the South Wales police and was identified as Akhlesh Lakhtakia, “Science Guy” on wikipedia. The police have formally cautioned another abuser whom we traced to Barry near Cardiff, “Arthur Dent”. In consequence of the failure of the University of Glamorgan to assess him properly, and its failure to stand up to unethical interference in its affairs, Franklin Amador started a very successful career in industry, and will shortly relocate to Japan. Students should be aware of the dismal state of standard physics, which allows incidents like this to happen, and I recommend that they go into other subject areas. Professor Emeritus Bill George of the University of Glamorgan was telephoned by Lakhtakia, and told the latter where to go. An example of Lakhtakia’s abuse is attached.



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