Standard Cosmology Faces a Catastrophe


Standard cosmology is widely known to be completely incorrect due to neglect of spacetime torsion and faces a catastrophe unless it quickly develops methods based on torsion. We have already started this task in many of the ECE papers and articles on our powerful and influential websites:, and The only response so far to ECE theory by the standard protagonists has been a campaign of attempted censorship, misrepresentation and personal animosity. This type of conduct threatens the very existence of physics as an academic subject. This campaign has been shattered by the overwhelmingly positive worldwide response to ECE theory and by the fact that devices based on ECE are already being manufactured ( The police have had to be called once or twice to counter the animosity, as is well known. Theories of physics always develop, in the past, this has been received with relative equanimity, but in today’s physics, run by obsolete dogmatists, this is not yet the case. In consequence, students are going into medicine, engineering and chemistry, and physics is increasingly a service subject.


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