History of the Working People


Although my history is dominated by the well known genealogies of royalty, nobility and gentry, I think that the history of the ordinary working people is more interesting. In this case records are much more difficult to find, as can be seen from my direct paternal line, gong back only to about 1860 or so. This is a humble line of farm servants, labourers, farmers and coal miners, but equally as important to me as any royal line. It may be possible to trace further back from 1860 using Parish records, and I am at that stage now. My oldest direct paternal ancestor is Edward Evans of Cleirwy (Clyro) near Hay on Wye born about 1860 – 1863. If any reader has some more information on him I would be grateful for a signal. The history of the working people such as that by A. J. P. Taylor is the backbone of a nation. His wife Margaret Taylor owned the famous boathouse at Laugharne rented to Dylan Thomas and his family.


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