Rejection of Ultra-Specialist Mathematics by the Scientific Community


Mathematical abstraction has been rejected by the scientific community, because the latter sees that Cartan geometry (taught everywhere) is sufficient to construct a unified field theory, ECE being now the leading unified field theory by almost any measure. This shows that ultra specialist mathematicians are wildly out of touch with reality, no one understands their work, and no one reads it. It is impossible to know whether it actually means anything in physics, which is the philosophy of nature. The Ockham Razor of philosophy should always apply in physics. This means that the simpler the theory the better. The hugely successful ECE theory was chosen on the basis of the Ockham Razor to be the simplest and least abstract unified field theory possible, using the well known Riemannian manifold. ECE was based from the outset on experimental data such as the inverse Faraday effect, a repeatable and reproducible effect of non linear optics. In contrast, the now rejected and obsolete standard physics developed into useless abstraction, used unobservables, and therefore became non-Baconian. This useless tangle of abstraction is now being blasted into the public mind in self-glorification and in an effort to waste money needed for new energy research. The abusive fringe of the obsolete physics consist of ultra abstract mathematicians now well known to be unreliable and have been firmly rejected. To counter them reduce everything to simplicity using the Ockham Razor. An example is given in the following posting.


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