The Collapse of Academic Integrity within the Obsolete Theoretical Physics


The ECE theory is the leading unified field theory as can be seen from its overwhelming acceptance (overview file frequently attached to these postings). The academic fringe has been isolated and forgotten by scholars. In the AIAS working group we sometimes receive abusive email from some of the less pleasant members of the forgotten fringe, so we have adopted the policy of reporting this abuse to the appropriate authorities and asking for disciplinary action such as dismissal for academic misconduct. The self checking proof given in paper 137 for example cannot be refuted in logic, so has been accepted by almost the entire community of scientists. Those who post personally hostile websites concerning a mathematical proof can therefore be identified as having lost basic academic integrity. In particular, those that obsessively attack in a personal rather than scientific manner are by now well known and have been discarded as scientists. There are only about three or four of these, and two of them are retired or semi-retired. In contrast, the readership of ECE runs into millions, literally. We know this from feedback data collected in an overview file (see next but one posting for example). The collapse of academic integrity within the obsolete physics comes about because obsolete ideas such as big bang, black holes, dark matter and so forth are still blasted out all over the media. This is despite the fact that the AIAS group has shown them to be mathematically incorrect using irrefutable computer algebra. Human nature being what it is, we cannot expect this news to be greeted enthusiastically by obsolete scientists, but academic integrity demands that they acknowledge their errors. After all we have constructed an entirely new cosmology based on the ECE theory. At AIAS we still occasionally receive horrendously abusive e mail messages from the well known obsolete fringe, and we now deal with these as members of the general public and forward them to the police authorities. This conduct has reduced the credibility of the obsolete theoretical physics to near zero in the eyes of scholars. The general public is still being milked for millions, a prime example being CERN, where every trivial event is blasted into the public mind as if it were something important. The motivation is of course to obtain more money, not to investigate nature. The theory behind CERN is meaningless.

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