O Level Exercise


I would like to suggest that schoolteachers try out the proof of the antisymmetry of the commutator on O level pupils, bright pupils at age about fourteen onwards (used to be called Form Three in my day) can see that the symmetry of the connection is the same as the symmetry of the commutator in paper 137, eq. (4). If the indices of the commutator are the same the commutator and connection both vanish. So the indices cannot be the same and both the commutator and connection must be antisymmetric in these indices. They should be taught that Einstein made the mistake of leaving out torsion, and made the mistake of making mu equal to nu in a non-zero connection. They should be taught that the whole of twentieth century cosmology collapses in consequence of this basic error, made ninety two years ago. They should be told honestly that it is in the interest of the present propaganda machine that they see on TV to perpetuate false mathematics. They are old enough to understand human nature. So unless this situation changes they should not go into physics as a subject.

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