My Entry in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry


This entry is to mark my appointment to the Civil List in 2005, almost a unique honour this century for a chemical physicist, and to mark achievement of arms on 7th July 2008. I am of humble origin but very recently my genealogy has been researched by leading scholars and it was found that I have an ancient and very distinguished lineage. Some recent blog postings have been research work in preparation for my entry in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry. I descend from Tewdwr Mawr in at least three ways, through the marriage of Nest ferch Gethin Owain Arglwydd Glyntawe (b. 1304) to Thomas Aubrey (b. 1299); through the marriage of Gwenllian ferch Gruffudd to Jenkin Aubrey (b. 1423) and through the marriage of Morgan Aubrey (High Sheriff of Brecon in 1616) to Margaret Games. This line of descent opens up many other lines to essentially all the Princes of Wales and to many Norman families. This research is authenticated by the site of the distinguished genealogist Arthur Turner-Thomas, genealogist to the Countess of Wessex, and by the research of the historian Mr Stuart Davies on the Morgan, Portrey-Cough and Aubrey families. Mr Dewi Lewis also helped with the research on the Havard family. There are interesting links to science, for example my distant ancestor Gwladys ferch Dafydd Gam (b. 1385) married Roger Vaughan (b. 1377). Their son was Roger Vaughan of Tretower Court (b. 1410), now the oldest house in Wales (CADW, several websites). He was given Tretower Court by his half brother Sir William Herbert in 1440. The Herbert family were Earls of Pembroke and the metaphysical George Herbert (1593 – 1633) was a good friend of Francis Bacon, and Herbert’s mother was the patron of the metaphysical poet John Donne (Dwn). The metaphysical poet Henry Vaughan was of the Tretower Court family. It is probable that William Shakespeare visited Tretower Court. So my entry in Burke’s Peerage and Gentry will be extensively cross linked to many distinguished families, reliably researched back to 300 AD (Irfon King of Northern Britain).

Glyn Eithrym,
Civil List Scientist

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