Intense University Interest in ECE Theory


There is intense university interest building up in ECE theory again this month, from staff and students worldwide. I wonder how much longer the self-funding elite of theoretical physics will go on pretending that the standard model is correct. In respect of the connection of Riemann geometry, for example, it is trivial to show that this must be antisymmetric because it takes the same indices as a commutator, paper 137 eq. (4) for example. In that equation the relevant indices are mu and nu, and are obviously the same on both sides of the equation. On the left hand side is the commutator, on the right hand side is the connection. This equation is textbook stuff and the tiny minority of scientists that still espouse the standard model must now pretend to their students or school pupils that this equation does not exist, and must hope that ECE will go away. The use of a symmetric connection is simply wrong, and in consequence the whole of twentieth century cosmology collapses, leaving behind it empty propaganda. The latter regularly appears in journals such as “Nature” and “New Scientist”. I am afraid that this shows that the editors of these journals are either biased or know nothing about Riemann geometry. The proof of the antisymmetry of the connection is so simple that suspicion is cast on all those who try to prove otherwise. There are some fringe abusers who still dog the AIAS staff, but are now on police record. It is now blazingly obvious to all that the Riemannian torsion was arbitrarily ignored in the early days of the subject, and that Einstein uncritically repeated this error. His field equation is geometrical nonsense. Feedback shows that there is essentially unanimous worldwide acceptance of ECE theory across all sectors of society, notably the industrial sector, which has begun to implement ECE theory. This begs the question about the integrity of academia itself. Should society fund nonsense theories and empty propaganda? Francis Bacon would have said no.

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