The Collapse of CERN Theory


This theory is based on a U(1) sector symmetry for electrodynamics. The U(1) sector symmetry is incorrect because it does not obey the ECE antisymmetry law introduced in recent papers (see 131 ff on this site). The U(1) sector symmetry is the old Maxwell Heaviside theory, which has been heavily criticised by scholars for a century. Similarly the Einstein field equation has been heavily criticised for ninety years, the first critic being Schroedinger, hardly a lightweight. So it has become clear through these postings that standard theoretical physics is party political propaganda like any other. It is not a science at all. ECE theory suggests a plausible alternative based on the philosophy of general relativity applied to all physics and based on the correct Riemannian geometry that must include the Riemannian torsion. The latter is well known in textbooks such as Carroll’s chapter three and has been highly developed on the ECE sites. So CERN might or might not produce some interesting experimental results, but these cannot be interpreted with an incorrect theory. The so called “god particle” – the Higgs boson, relies on a U(1) sector symmetry in electroweak theory, and so is a non-starter. The Higgs mechanism is merely a non Baconian unobservable.

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