Conspiracies at Aberystwyth and UNCC


These were ugly conspiracies which took away my job, pension and salary not once but twice. They are similar to the conspiracy against Francis Bacon by the Duke of Buckingham faction in the time of James 1st. These are known by historical scholarship to have been false accusations, as in my case. At Aberystwyth they did not even bother to contrive accusations, they just arbitrarily terminated my contract with disasterous consequence for the Edward Davies Chemical Laboratories as is well known to many from Kerry Pendergast’s biography and history on this site. The conspirators at both places have been entirely forgotten and discarded by time, but are retired on comfortable pensions. The British Government has righted these injustices by writing in my title of Professor to the Civil List. Society and Academia are much the poorer for such anti scientific conduct and for the failure at Aberystwyth to right the injustice even after the Government itself has righted it. Francis Bacon was a friend of my ancestral cousin, the great poet George Herbert who influenced my other ancestral cousin, the great poet Henry Vaughan.

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