Example of Nonsense Papers


Two nonsense papers have been forced into print concerning the B Cyclic Theorem of B(3) theory (now several times nominated for a Nobel Prize). These appear in “Physica Scripta” and “Foundations of Physics” (as run by ‘t Hooft). The nonsensical claim is made that the B Cyclic Theorem is not Lorentz covariant. This claim has been refuted in paper 89 of this site, a paper that has been available for about two years and to which no objection has ever been made. The B cyclic theorem is equivalent to the complex circular frame of reference, which is by definition Lorentz covariant. The complex circular frame is defined through the usual Cartesian unit vectors, i, j, and k. These unit vectors transform under the inverse Lorentz transform by definition (see for example Carroll, chapter two). For a Lorentz boost in Z for example, i and j do not change but k changes. So i x j = k is changed to i x j = Ak where A is a factor. The frame is Lorentz covariant, QED. These nonsense papers were forced into print, and the present author not allowed the right of reply. The reply is simple, as given here. This kind of unethical conduct means that the standard model has collapsed and no notice should be taken of it by intellectuals, or serious minded undergraduates.

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