Hawking’s Successor


It has been pointed out to me that Hawking’s successor has been named, but I am not really interested in this. In my experience, Cambridge appointments are made in a secretive way, and not particularly on merit. It is also possible to get in to Cambridge through the back door without any advertisement or open competition. Merit by association does not impress anyone. By reference to the attached it is seen that I competed for and won many Fellowships, but was cynically overlooked for tenure at the EDCL. This is largely why the place closed. It became uncompetitive after I was forced to leave. Enough years have passed now to show the verdict of history. Those that denied me tenure have gone into complete obscurity. The present head of department of chemistry at Cambridge, Bill Jones, was appointed without open competition by John Thomas, who used to appoint without open competition at the EDCL. I do not see any particular merit in that process.

Civil List Scientist


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