Appointment to Lucasian Professor of Mathematics


The appointment of an ultra abstract string theorist to this chair means that the chair no longer has anything to do with physics, because string theory has never been tested experimentally and can never be. The only unified field theory of physics that we have at present is ECE theory, which is based on experimental data and which has been thoroughly tested experimentally. This month there was interest in ECE from the new energy oversight department of the US Government, form the Governments of Spain and Poland. See next posting for all details. The readership of ECE ignores academic claims to have produced an unified field theory. ECE is the only theory capable of explaining the Tesla resonances and devices are already being manufactured ( based on ECE theory. Nothing at all can be built or manufactured in the basis of string theory, which is utterly irrelevant to the urgent energy needs of society. It must be asked why such an irrelevant appointment was made, and by whom in what manner.

Civil List Scientist

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