I think I will spend some time in between other duties writing up a readable autobiography. Society is certainly not based on merit, and this will be a major theme of this book, where I will interleave prose and poetry to bring out the severe injustices to which I have been subjected, injustices which have never been righted. I have written quite a lot of autobiographical material, which has been used verbatim by Kerry Pendergast in his biography, with my permission and encouragement. Kerry amplified this with views of his own. One of the severe problems I encountered at the EDCL was the use of public funds to make appointments without advertisement or fair competition. That went on repeatedly in the EDCL so it is safe to assume that it was a commonplace practice in those days. This is not acceptable practice. In my case I competed for many prestigious fellowships and won a record number of them, but was cynically denied tenure. This again is not acceptable, and the verdict of history is that the people who behaved in such a way have disappeared into total obscurity. There is no way of measuring the impact they made if any. Impact can only be measured by the real time interest of scientists all over the world, and as the following postings show, ECE is making an unprecedented impact wholly without any support from universities. This is a situation in which academia refuses to recognize merit. So academia is ignored completely by the industrialists.

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