Consequences of Using the Wrong Connection Symmetry


The consequences are obvious to any bright school pupil: the whole of twentieth century general relativity collapses, and the mathematics associated with using a symmetric connection become meaningless. ECE theory is simpler and mathematically correct within its terms of reference. All solutions of the Einstein field equation are meaningless, as shown in our forthcoming book, “Criticisms of the Einstein Field Equation”. Any development of unified field theory based on the Einstein field equation is incorrect. This includes various string theories and superstring theories which have never been tested experimentally. Journal articles based on the Einstein field equation are meaningless, TV programmes on black holes and dark matter are bad science fiction. The situation is easily remedied by adopting ECE theory, which is a return to the long accepted principles of science, testing against data and simplicity. Academic authority based on trivial errors is false authority, and merit by association must be rejected: appointments made without open competition have no merit. Scholars of science working outside academia produce ideas which can challenge the false authority of academics based in universities of purported merit. Similarly poets and musicians of merit do not have to be based at Oxford and Cambridge and so forth. This is all very obvious at O level. Incorrect dogma is perpetrated in response to peer pressure within certain groupings of individuals. Such groupings have no meaning in a wider societal context.

Civil List Scientist

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