The Key Point


The key point is given in equation (4) of the attached paper, which proves the Evans Identity of differential geometry. On the left and right hand sides of this equation appear indices mu and nu. If these are the same, both sides of the equation are zero by definition. On the left hand side appears the commutator of covariant derivatives, on the right hand side appears the connection of Riemann geometry. When mu and nu are the same the commutator and connection are said to be “symmetric”. Therefore a symmetric commutator is zero and a symmetric connection is zero. When mu is not the same as nu the commutator and connection are said to be “antisymmetric”. They both change sign by definition when mu and nu are interchanged. So the connection of Riemann geometry is always antisymmetric by definition. The meaningless Einstein field equation used a symmetric connection, leading to numerous sequential errors as shown in the following notes. The situation can only be remedied with an entirely new paradigm such as ECE theory.


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