Invariance of the Vector Field Under Coordinate Transformation


This note illustrates this well known property by using the Lorentz boost in the x axis, an undergraduate exercise. It is proven that the B Cyclic Theorem is Lorentz covariant by definition. Great caution should be exercised when reading any claims to the contrary, because these come from known harassers. G. ‘t Hooft allowed a paper into “Foundations of Physics” which was devoted to the incorrect claim that basis vectors are not Lorentz covariant. This is part of the reason why there are demands for ‘t Hooft’s resignation as editor, and from his Chair at Utrecht. Recently ‘t Hooft has allowed another paper into print with the ludicrous claim that the inverse Faraday effect “does not exist”. Google “inverse Faraday effect” to find over nine hundred entries from 1964 onwards by many groups. Finally ‘t Hooft has tried to “unpublish” fifteen ECE papers in “Foundations of Physics Letters”, papers which generated more than thirty positive referees’ reports in the accepted professional manner.

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