Further Major Errors in Standard Cosmology


These errors again arise from the use of a symmetric connection. The most fundamental one is the incorrect assertion that a connection can always be chosen to be symmetric. If so, the commutator in eq. (4) of the attached vanishes, and the curvature and torsion BOTH vanish, not only the torsion. This is easy to see, yet this error has been perpetrated by dogmatists for ninety years. The connection must be antisymmetric, because the commutator in eq. (4) of the attached must be antisymmetric. Otherwise it is zero. In consequence of the antisymmetry of the connection, there are two different ways of defining the geodesic equation, and these two methods are not equivalent. The geodesic equation many be defined as the path that parallel transports its own tangent vector, and secondly it may be defined as the shortest distance between two points. The geodesic equation was used by Einstein to derive the Newtonian limit, but this is again an incorrect procedure based on an incorrect symmetric connection. Therefore the Einstein methodology is riddled with sequential errors and must be abandoned.


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