Some Comparisons of the Old and New Field Equations


The new field equations of cosmology are simpler than the now obsolete Einstein field equation. The new field equations are based on the Cartan and Evans Identities of four dimensional Riemannian geometry. These correct the old first Bianchi identity, which neglects torsion. The old Einstein field equation was based on an incorrect second Bianchi identity, as following postings show. The new equations do not use the canonical energy momentum density tensor, but instead use a current density. The mathematical structures of the four field equations of dynamics, cosmology and electrodynamics are the same in ECE theory. The new equations can be applied to obtain new energy from spacetime through spin connection resonance, a concept missing completely from the old Maxwell Heaviside equations. The correct antisymmetry of the connection is used in the new equations, the old Einstein field equation used the wrong connection symmetry, and the old Maxwell Heaviside equations did not use a connection at all, being based on Minkowski spacetime, and being a theory only of special relativity of limited validity.

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